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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter J

Name Meaning
  Ja   Hawaiian girls name which means fiery
  Jaafar   Arabic girls name which means small stream
  Jaan   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) life, soul.
  Jabeen   Muslim girls name meaning Forehead
  Jabez   Hebrew boys name which means borne in pain
  Jabir   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) consoler, comforter, restorer.
  Jabr   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) compulsion name of a companion.
  Jabrayah   Muslim girls name meaning Love, respect
  Jacaranda   Modern girls name meaning, fragrant flower and originating in Tupi
  Jace   Greek boys name meaning a healing.
  Jacinda   Greek girls name which means beautiful
  Jacinto   Spanish boys name meaning Hyacinth.
  Jacinto   Greek boys name meaning hyacinth.
  Jack   English boys name meaning Godly.
  Jack Benny   the Comedian whose real name is Benjamin Kubelsky
  Jack Higgins   the Author whose real name is Henry Patterson
  Jack London   the Author whose real name is John Griffith
  Jack Lord   the Actor whose real name is John Joseph Ryan
  Jack Palance   the Actor whose real name is Walter Planiuk
  Jack Warner   the Actor whose real name is Jack Waters
  Jackie   Modern boys name meaning, supplanter, substitute and originating in American
  Jackie Chan   The Actor , Martial Artist whose real name is Kong-Sang Chan
  Jacob   Scottish boys name which has fallen from favour. Biblical and therefore Hebrew origins
  Jacob   Hebrew boys name which means held by the heel
  Jacob   English boys name meaning Conquerer.
  Jacob   Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 25:26 and meaning cheater; that supplants, undermines; the heel.
  Jacquelin   French boys name which is a variant of Jacob
  Jacqueline   Scottish girls name originating in the French female version of Jacques
  Jacqueline   French girls name which means supplanter
  Jacques Tati   the French Comedian whose real name is Jacques Tatischeff
  Jacy   Native-American boy or male name, whose meaning is moon ,with the origin being Unknown
  Jad   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) curly, frizzled.
  Jada   Hebrew girls name which means wise
  Jade   Spanish girls name which means jade (precious gem)
  Jadi   Modern girls name meaning, creation and originating in Malaysian
  Jadon   Hebrew boys name which means God has heard
  Jaecar   German boys name meaning hunter.
  Jafar   Indian boys name meaning little stream.
  Jafar   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) rivulet, stream.
  Jaffer   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) flowing water.
  Jago   Cornish Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) supplanter (form of Jacob)
  Jagroop   Sikh girls name meaning Embodiment of the world
  Jagvi   Indian girls name meaning worldly wise
  Jagvinder   Sikh girls name meaning Glory of the creation
  Jahaan   Muslim girls name meaning Land
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