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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter K

Name Meaning
  Kaiser   German boys name meaning emperor.
  Kaiser   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) emperor, king.
  Kaitlin   Kaitlyn, Kaytlin all recent spellings of the name Caitlin
  Kaiya   Japanese girls name which means forgiveness
  Kaj   Greek boys name meaning earth.
  Kajal   Sikh name meaning Black; Eyeliner; Kohl
  Kajetan   Italian boys name meaning from Gaete.
  Kajika   Native-American boy or male name, whose meaning is walks without sound ,with the origin being Unknown
  Kajji   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) an authority of hadith at baghdad.
  Kajri   Indian girls name meaning light as a cloud
  Kakar   Indian boys name meaning grass.
  Kakawangwa   Native-American girl name, whose meaning is bitter ,with the origin being Hopi
  Kakena   Modern girls name meaning, the happy one and originating in Kikuyu
  Kaklin   Indian boys name meaning white horse.
  Kal-el (son)   Who is the child of Nicholas Cage the (Actor)and Alice Kim the (Wife,married 2004)
  Kala   Indian boys name meaning has no black.
  Kalama   Hawaiian girls name which means torch
  Kalanit   Hebrew girls name which means flower
  Kalari   Indian boys name meaning forms of Shiva.
  Kalbi   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) an authority on genealogy and the quran.
  Kalea   Hawaiian girls name which means bright
  Kaleem   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) speaker, talker.
  Kaleema   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) public speaker, singer.
  Kaleemah   Muslim girls name meaning Speaker
  Kalei   Hawaiian girls name which means flowering wreath
  Kali   Hawaiian girls name which means one who hesitates
  Kali   Indian boys name meaning black.
  Kali   Muslim girls name meaning Bud (of flower)
  Kalil   Arabic boys name meaning good friend.
  Kalila   Arabic girls name which means beloved
  Kalima   Muslim girls name meaning Witness
  Kalindi   Modern girls name meaning, famous river and originating in Hindi
  Kaliska   Modern girls name meaning, coyote chasing deer and originating in Moquel.
  Kaliska   Native-American girl name, whose meaning is coyote chasing deer ,with the origin being Miwok
  Kalki   Indian boys name meaning white horse.
  Kalle   Finnish girls name which is a form of Carol
  Kalonice   Greek girls name which means beauty's victory
  Kaltha   English girls name which means marigold (yellow flower)
  Kalyani   Indian girls name meaning fortunate
  Kalyca   Greek girls name which means rosebud
  Kamaalit   Sikh name meaning Complete Perfection
  Kamal   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) perfection, completeness.
  Kamal   Sikh name meaning Unsoiled like the flower lotus
  Kamaldeep   Sikh name meaning Lotus; Diva
  Kamalei   Hawaiian girls name which means beloved child
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