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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter L

Name Meaning
  L'Abana   Modern girls name meaning, stony appearance and originating in American
  Laaiqah   Muslim girls name meaning Worthy, deserving, capable
  Laavindeep   Sikh name meaning Illuminated; Infused Lamp
  Laban   Hebrew boys name which means white
  Laban   Celtic girls name which means soft earth
  Labeeb   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) understanding, sensible, intelligent.
  Labeebah   Muslim girls name meaning Intelligent, wise, brillant
  Label   Hebrew boys name which means lion
  Labhras   Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) laurel wreath. Believed to originate as a form of Laurence which itself was based on a Roman place name
  Labhruinn   Scottish Gaelic boys name from the latin for someone from the place of Laurentum
  Labib   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) sensible, intelligent.
  Labibah   Muslim girls name meaning Understanding, intelligent
  Laboni   Indian girls name meaning graceful
  Labraid   Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) speech or speaker
  Lachan   Sikh name meaning Qualities, attributes
  Lachhmi   Sikh name meaning Goddess of Fortune
  Lachlan   From the land of the lochs
  Lachlan   From the land of the lochs
  Lachlann   Celtic boys name which means (meaning) viking stranger from the land of the lochs. Shortened version of Maoilsheachlainn
  Lachtna   (locked-na) Celtic girls name which means milkiness (pure as milk)
  Ladd   Modern boys name meaning, attendant and originating in English
  Ladli   Indian girls name meaning loved one
  Ladon   Greek boys name meaning dragon of Hera.
  Laertes   Greek boys name meaning father of Odysseus.
  Laestrygones   Greek boys name meaning a tribe of giants.
  Lagmann   Norse boys name meaning "Lawyer"
  Lahi'ah   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) a narrator of hadith.
  Laiba   Muslim girls name meaning Angel of heaven
  Laila   Muslim girls name meaning Of the Night
  Laila   Sikh name meaning a number of different attributes from Sweetheart; Night Beauty; Nocturnal; Nightfall; Beloved; Dark-haired Beauty; Holy; Blessed; Dark Beauty
  Laiq   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) deserving.
  Laiqa   Muslim girls name meaning Intelligent, smile
  Laird   Head of household (normally of a big estate)
  Lais   Indian boys name meaning lion.
  Laith   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) lion.
  Laius   Greek boys name meaning father of Oedipus.
  Lajlaj   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) one of prophet's (S.A.W) companions.
  Laka   Hawaiian girls name which means attractive seductress
  Lakh   Sikh name meaning Hundred thousand
  Lakhbir   Sikh name meaning As Brave as a Hundred Thousand
  Lakhmi   Sikh name meaning Goddess of Fortune; Luck
  Lakhshmi   Sikh name meaning Goddess of Fortune
  Lakhsman   Sikh name meaning Quality of Mind
  Lakhviar   Sikh name meaning Heroic Quality
  Lakhwinder   Sikh name meaning Loved by Many; Ruler of 10 Lakh People
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