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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter L

Name Meaning
  Lorenzo   Spanish boys name meaning from the place of Laurel trees.
  Loretta   Irish girls name thought to originate in the placename of Loreto in Italy
  Lorna   Invented by an author ( R D Blackmore) and relates to the heroine of his 1860s novel Lorna Doone. May originally be derived from a Scottish placename.
  Lorraine   Scottish girls name which originates in France
  Lot   Hebrew boys name which means hidden
  Lot   Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 11:27 and meaning wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin.
  Lou   Modern boys name meaning, famous warrior and originating in American
  Lou Costello   the Comedian whose real name is Louis Cristillo
  Lou Reed   the Singer whose real name is Luis Firbank
  Louie   French boys name which means (meaning) famous warrior
  Louis   French boys name which means (meaning) famous warrior. This is the more conventional spelling compared to Louie above
  Louis C.K.   The comedian Louis C.K. real name is Louis Székely
  Louis C.K.   The comedians real name is Louis Szekely.
  Louis, Lewis   English boys name meaning Warrior.
  Louise   Scottish girls name which came from the Latin Louisa which is the femine form of Louis
  Lourdes   French girls name originating in the name of the region/place of France
  Lovdeep   Sikh name meaning Attachment to Illumination
  Loveleen   Sikh name meaning Loved One
  Lovepreet   Sikh name meaning Lovely
  Lovleen   Sikh name meaning Absorbed; Imbued; Infused
  Lowell   English boys name meaning Beloved.
  Lowell   French boys name which means (meaning) beloved
  Lu   Chinese boys name which means (meaning) deer
  Lu Luah   Muslim girls name meaning She was a narrator of Hadith
  Lu'ay   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) shield.
  Lu'lu   Muslim girls name meaning Pearls
  Luann   German girls name which means graceful woman warrior
  Lubabah   Muslim girls name meaning The innermost essence
  Lubena   Muslim girls name meaning Purity
  Luca Cruz (son)   Who is the child of Hilary Duff the (Actor, Singer )and Mike Comrie the ( Hockey Player)
  Lucas   Biblical boys name which originates in (Greek) , appearing in Col. 4:14 and meaning luminous; white.
  Lucas, Luke   English boys name meaning Luminous.
  Luciano   Italian boys name meaning light or illumination.
  Luciano   Spanish boys name meaning illmination.
  Lucien   French boys name which means (meaning) bright light
  Lucille (daughter)   Who is the child of Maya Rudolph (Actress ) and Paul Thomas Anderson ( Director)
  Lucine   Arabic girls name which means moon
  Lucy   Scottish girls name which was historically used to name children born at dawn or daybreak. Originates in the Latin for light
  Ludacris   His real name is Christopher Bridges
  Ludovic   Scottish boys name which origiantes in Latin. Also, could be Gaelic in origin meaning servant of the church
  Ludvik   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) famous warrior
  Lufti   Arabic boys name meaning kind.
  Lugh   (Lou) Gaelic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) shining light
  Lughaidh   (loo-ee) Celtic boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) carrier of light
  Luigi   Italian boys name meaning renowned fighter.
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