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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter L

Name Meaning
  Lujain   Muslim girls name meaning Silver
  Lujaina   Muslim girls name meaning Silver
  Lujayn   Modern girls name meaning, silver and originating in Arabic
  Lukas   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) brings light
  Luke   Biblical boys name which originates in (Greek) , appearing in Col. 4:14 and meaning luminous; white.
  Luke Perry   This actors whose real name is Coy Luther Perry III
  Lulach   Very unusual Scottish boys name which is rarely used and probably means little calf
  Lulu   Arabic girls name which means pearl
  Lulu   English girls name which means soothing
  Lulu   Native-American girl name, whose meaning is rabbit ,with the origin being Unknown
  Luma   Muslim girls name meaning Sunset
  Luna   Muslim girls name meaning Moon
  Lunt   Norse boys name meaning "from the grove"
  Lunt   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) from the grove
  Luqman   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) a Prophet's name.
  Lurleen   Scandinavian girls name which means war horn or horn of war
  Lusila   Indian boys name meaning leader.
  Lusio   Native-American boy or male name, whose meaning is light ,with the origin being Zuni
  Lut   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) name of a prophet.
  Lutawin   Modern girls name meaning, Red Dawn woman and originating in Sioux
  Lutf   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) bounty, enjoyment.
  Lutfi   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) kind and friendly, gentle.
  Lutfiyah   Muslim girls name meaning Delicate, graceful
  Luthais   Gaelic boys name whose origins could be either in the placename (Island of Lewis ) or from the French Louis
  Luther   English boys name meaning Warrior.
  Luvdeep   Sikh name meaning Illuminated Absorption
  Luvleen   Sikh name meaning Imbued; Infused; Absorbed in Love
  Luvnoor   Sikh name meaning Light of Love
  Luyu   Native-American girl name, whose meaning is wild dove ,with the origin being Unknown
  Lycoris   Greek girls name which means twilight
  Lyle   Scottish boys name which is more common as a surname. Origins are from Norman French and means little island
  Lyman   Modern boys name meaning, meadow; valley man and originating in English
  Lynda   Spanish girls name which means pretty
  Lyndon   English boys name meaning Linden Tree.
  Lyndsay   From an old surname
  Lynelle   English girls name which means pretty
  Lynn   Scottish girls name which is a modern (20th Century) invention. Exact origins unknown
  Lynn   English girls name which means waterfall
  Lynsey   alternative spelling of lyndsey, from an old surname
  Lynsey De Paul   the Singer whose real name is Lynsey Rubin
  Lyonella   French girls name which means lion cub
  Lyra   Greek girls name which means lyre player
  Lyric   Greek girls name which means song like
  Lyric Sonny Roads (son)   Who is the child of Soleil Moon Frye the (Actress )and Jason Goldberg the ( TV and Film Producer)
  Lysandra   Greek girls name which means liberator
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