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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter L

Name Meaning
  Lang-hao   Chinese boys name which means (meaning) generous
  Langley   English girls name which means long meadow
  Langundo   Native-American boy or male name, whose meaning is peaceful ,with the origin being Unknown
  Lani   Hawaiian girls name which means sky or heaven
  Lanika   Muslim girls name meaning The Best
  Lanita   Modern girls name meaning, sky; heaven and originating in Hawaiian
  Lann   Gaelic boys name which means (meaning) sword
  Lansa   Native-American boy or male name, whose meaning is lance ,with the origin being Hopi
  Lantha   Greek girls name which means purple flower
  Lanval   Celtic boys name which means (meaning) high church
  Lanzo   Italian boys name meaning a form of lance.
  Laorans   (law-rence) Breton Celtic girls name which is the equivalent of Laurence (male)
  Lapu   Native-American boy or male name, whose meaning is cedar bark ,with the origin being Hopi
  Laqeet   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) well known companion of the prophet (S.A.W).
  Lara   Greek girls name which means cheerful
  Laraib   Muslim girls name meaning Without a doubt
  Laramie   French girls name which means tears of love
  Larenzo   German boys name which is a form of Lawrence.
  Larry   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) laurel (the plant)
  Larry Grayson   the Comedian Presenter whose real name is William White
  Larry King   The real name of the tv host is Lawrence Harvey Zeigler.
  Lars   English boys name meaning Variant of Lawrence.
  Lars   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) laurel (the plant)
  Lasair   (lass-air) Gaelic girls name which means flame haired (from the Gaelic lasair-flame)
  Lashirah   Muslim girls name meaning Very intelligent
  Lasion   Greek boys name meaning father of Plutus.
  Lason   Greek boys name meaning healer.
  Lassarina   (loss-arena) Irish girls name which is believed to mean fire of wine
  Lassie   not really a name, more of a description for a little girl
  Lataree   Japanese girls name which means bent branch
  Lateef   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) kind.
  Lateefa   Indian (Muslim) girls name which means (meaning) kind and gentle
  Lateefah   Arabic girls name which means pleasant (also spelled latifah)
  Latif   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) fine, gentle, refined.
  Latifa   Muslim girls name meaning Beautiful, gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
  Latika   Sikh name meaning Related to Rose; Darling Name; Small Creeper; Sweet; Elegant'
  Laulani   Hawaiian girls name which means heavenly tree branch
  Lauren Bacall   the Actress whose real name is Betty Joan Perske
  Laurence   Scottish boys name whose origins are Latin and mean someone from the town of Laurentum
  Laurence   English boys name meaning Bay or Laurel Tree.
  Laurence   French boys name which means (meaning) laurel crowned
  Laurent   French boys name which means (meaning) crowned with laurels
  Laurenz   German boys name meaning from the place of the Laurel trees.
  Lauro   Italian boys name meaning from the place of the laurel trees.
  Lavanya   Sikh name meaning Grace; Pretty; Beauty
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