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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter R

Name Meaning
  R. Kelly   This songwriters real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly
  Ra'eesah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) leader, princess, noble, a wealthy lady
  Ra'id   Arabic boys name meaning leader.
  Ra'id   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) leader, pioneer.
  Ra'idah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) leader
  Ra'naa   Muslim girls name meaning (means) lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate
  Raahil   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) path guider.
  Raamis   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) the good looking one.
  Raamiz   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) symbol.
  Raanan   Hebrew boys name which means fresh or new
  Raanana   Hebrew girls name which means fresh or luxuriant
  Raashid   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) major, adult, orthodox, guided, intelligent.
  Raawiya   Muslim girls name meaning (means) transmitter (of ancient arabic poetry)
  Rab   German boys name meaning famed, bright or shinning.
  Rabab   Muslim girls name meaning (means) white cloud
  Rabah   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) gainer.
  Rabar   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) a loving and caring person to all.
  Rabbani   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) divine.
  Rabbie   Scottish nickname for Robert (most famously Rabbie Burns)
  Rabbie   German boys name which is a diminutive of Robert.
  Rabee   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) spring.
  Rabeea   Muslim girls name meaning (means) springtime, garden.
  Rabi   Arabic boys name meaning breeze.
  Rabi   Arabic girls name which means breeze
  Rabi'   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) spring, breeze.
  Rabi'ah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) garden, springtime
  Rabia   Muslim girls name meaning (means) spring, springtime.
  Rabiah   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) greenery.
  Rabiah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) garden, springtime
  Rabit   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) binding, fastening.
  Rabitah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) bond, tie.
  Rabiya   Muslim girls name meaning (means) princess, queen
  Rabiyah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) hill
  Race   Modern boys name meaning, race; runner and originating in English
  Racer Maximilliano (son)   Who is the child of Robert Rodriguez (Director) and Elizabeth Avellan (Wife -1990-2008)
  Rachel   Scottish girls name which if the Hebrew is taken literally means "ewe". However, more commonly felt to mean "gentleness"
  Rachel Zoe   This reality stars real name is Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig
  Radela   German girls name which means counselor
  Radeyah   Arabic girls name which means content or satisfied
  Radeyah   Muslim girls name meaning (means) content, satisfied, pleased, delighted
  Radha   (row-a) Celtic girls name which means (meaning) either red headed or vision
  Radha   Modern girls name meaning, soul; consort and originating in Hindi
  Radhika   Indian girls name which means beloved
  Radhiyaa   Muslim girls name meaning (means) content; satisfied
  Radhwa   Muslim girls name meaning (means) name of mountain in medina
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