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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter V

Name Meaning
  Vaughan   English boys name meaning Small.
  Vaughan   Welsh boys name meaning little.
  Vaughn   Welsh boys name meaning little.
  Vedette   Italian girls name which means (meaning) sentry
  Vedis   German girls name which means (meaning) spirit of the forest
  Vega   Arabic girls name which means (meaning) falling star
  Vegard   Norse boys name meaning "protection"
  Vemados   German boys name meaning courage of a bear.
  Venice   Modern girls name meaning, city of canals in Italy and originating in English
  Vera   Scottish girls name which originates in the Russian for "faith"
  Vera Lynn   the Singer whose real name is Vera Welch
  Verdad   Spanish girls name which means (meaning) truthful
  Vered   Hebrew boys name which means rose
  Verner   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) protector
  Vernon   English boys name meaning Flourishing.
  Veronica   Scottish girls name whose origins appear unclear but may be in relation to Saint Veronica.
  Vesa   Modern girls name meaning, young tree and originating in Finnish
  Vesta Tilley   the Music Hall Artist Male Impersonator whose real name is Matilda Alice Powles
  Veto   Spanish boys name meaning intelligent.
  Vevila   Irish girls name meaning harmony
  Vevila   Celtic girls name which means (meaning) sweet lady
  Vevila   Harmony
  vevina   Irish girls name meaning sweet lady
  vevina   Sweet lady
  Vianna   Modern girls name meaning, city in Austria and originating in American
  Vic Reeves   the Comedian whose real name is Jim Moir
  Victor   Scottish boys name which simply means what it says
  Victor   English boys name meaning Conqueror.
  Victor   Spanish boys name meaning victor or victory.
  Victor Borge   the Comic Musician whose real name is Borge Rosenbaum
  Victoria   Scottish girls name which comes form the Latin for "victory". Often shortened to Vicky, Vicki or Vickie
  Victorio   Spanish boys name meaning conqueror.
  Vida (daughter)   Who is the child of Matthew McConaughey the (Actor )and Camila Alves the ( Actress)
  Vidal   Spanish boys name meaning life.
  Vidar   Norse boys name meaning "tree fighter"
  Vignette   French girls name which means (meaning) small vine
  Vili   Norse boys name meaning "giver of reason"
  Vin Diesel   His real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent
  Vincent   Scottish boys name originating in the Latin for "conquering"
  Vincent   English boys name meaning Victorious.
  Vincente   Spanish boys name meaning conquering.
  Vincenzio   Italian boys name meaning Victor in Italian.
  Vincenzo   Italian boys name meaning conquering.
  Violet   Scottish girls name which is generally thought to be simply usage of the name of the flower.
  Vira   Modern girls name meaning, strong hero and originating in Sanskrit
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