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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter V

Name Meaning
  Visant   The Breton form of Vincent
  Viscount Melbourne   the British PM whose real name is William Lamb
  Vitale   Italian boys name meaning life.
  Vito   Italian boys name meaning Victor.
  Vito   Spanish boys name meaning vital.

Italian boys name meaning Victor.

  Vivien   Scottish girls name which derives from the Latin for lively. Can be spelled in many ways Vivien, Vivienne, Vyvien etc
  Vivien Leigh   the Actress whose real name is Vivien Hartley
  Vivienne Marcheline (daughter)   Who is the child of Brad Pitt the (Actor )and Angelina Jolie the ( Actress)
  Voleta   Greek girls name which means (meaning) veiled
  Volker   German boys name meaning people's guard.
  Vollny   German boys name meaning people's spirit.
  Voltaire   the Author and Philosopher whose real name is Francois-Marie Arouret
  Vonn   Welsh boys name meaning little.
  Vontell   Welsh boys name meaning little.
  Vorath   Welsh boys name meaning worthy lord.
  Vrishti   Indian (Hindi) girls name which means (meaning) rain
  Vritika   Indian (Hindi) girls name which means (meaning) thought
  Vychan   Welsh boys name meaning small.
  Vychan   Another variant of Vincent, this time a Welsh variation.
  Vyoma   Indian (Hindi) girls name which means (meaning) sky
  Vyomini   Indian (Hindi) girls name which means (meaning) divine
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