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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter W

Name Meaning
  Wenna   Cornish Celtic girls name of uncertain origin or meaning but believed to be related to Gwen (blessed)
  Wesley   English boys name meaning Man from the West.
  Wesley   English boys name which means (meaning) western meadow
  Westin   Modern boys name meaning, western town and originating in English
  Whitney   English girls name which means (meaning) white island
  Whitney   Modern girls name meaning, white island and originating in English
  Whoopi Goldberg   The comedians real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson.
  Widad   Arabic girls name which means (meaning) with love
  Wijdan   Arabic girls name which means (meaning) ecstacy
  Wila   Hawaiian girls name which means (meaning) loyal or faithful
  Wilbur   English boys name meaning Beloved Stronghold.
  Wildan   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) boy in heaven.
  Willard   English boys name meaning Great Bravery.
  William   Scottish boys name from old Germanic meaning "will and volition"
  William Bonney   the Outlaw ( Billy The Kid) whose real name is Henry McCArthey
  William Holden   the Actor whose real name is Wiliam Beedle
  William, Will   English boys name meaning Determined Guardian.
  Willis   English boys name meaning Variant of Will.
  Willow   English girls name which means (meaning) willow tree
  Willow Sage (daughter)   Who is the child of Pink (Singer ) and Carey Hart ( Motorcyle Racer)
  Wilma   Scottish girls name which is often regarded as being the female version of William
  Wilona   English girls name which means (meaning) desired
  Windsor   Modern boys name meaning, riverbank with a winch and originating in English
  Wing   Chinese girls name which means (meaning) glory
  Winifred   Scottish girls name which is probably more popular in Wales. Original meaning is "blessed reconciliation"
  Winn   Welsh boys name meaning handsome.
  Winola   German girls name which means (meaning) charming friend
  Winona Ryder   This actress whose real name is Winona Laura Horowitz
  Winston   English boys name meaning Town of Victory.
  Winthrop   English boys name meaning Residence Name.
  Wisal   Arabic girls name which means (meaning) communion or love
  Wisam   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) badge, logo, like coat of arms.
  Wise   Irish boys name which means (meaning) ardent or wise (funnily enough!)
  Wise   Irish boys name which means (meaning) ardent or wise (funnily enough!)
  Wmffre   Welsh boys name meaning friend of the Huns
  Woody Allen   American director and film star who was originally known as Allen Konigsberg
  Wray   Norse boys name meaning "from the corner property"
  Wren   Welsh boys name meaning ruler.
  Wu   Chinese boys name meaning army squad, crow, or sorcerer.
  Wyatt   English boys name meaning Guide.
  Wybjorn   Norse boys name meaning "war bear"
  Wyborn   Norse boys name meaning "war bear"
  Wycliff   Modern boys name meaning, village near the cliff and originating in English
  Wylie   English boys name meaning Beguiling.
  Wyman   English boys name meaning Warrior.
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