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English boys name meaning Famous and Brilliant.

  Cuthberta   Old fashioned English girls name which means brilliant
  Cuyen   Modern girls name meaning, moon and originating in Mapuche
  Cyd Charisse   the Dancer whose real name is Tula Ellice Finklea
  Cyhyreath   (koo-hoo-reth) Celtic girls name which means weeping or great sadness
  Cynara   Greek girls name which means thistle
  Cynthia   Greek girls name which means moon
  Cyrano   French boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) from cyrene
  Cyril   A Scottish boys name now much more common in the neighbouring England. Derives from a Greek word for Lord
  Cyril   (si-ril) originates in Greek and means Lord. Perhaps the most famous is Cyril of Alexandria (376-444) who was the Archbishop of Alexandria.

English boys name meaning Lord-Like.

  Cyrilla   Greek girls name which means noble
  Cyrus   (sy-ruhs) from the Persian (Kurush) for Sun or Throne. Appears in the Bible 2 Chronicles 36.22 with Cyrus king of Persia. Best known for conquering Babylon and allowing the Jewish exiles to return home.
  Cytheria   Modern girls name meaning, Aphrodite rose from the sea and originating in Greek
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