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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter F

Name Meaning
  Forouzan   Muslim girls name which means shining.
  Forouzandeh   Telugu girls name which means Shining
  Forrest   English boys name meaning Woodsman.
  Forum   Telugu girls name which means Bouquet
  Fosette   French girls name which means dimpled
  Foster   English boys name meaning Bird Catcher.
  Fotina   Greek girls name which means light
  Fox   English boys name meaning Cunning.
  Fozia   Muslim girls name which means successful.
  Frances   Scottish girls name (not to be confused with the male spelling FrancIs) whose origins are unclear
  Frances Bean (daughter)   Who is the child of Kurt Cobain the (Musician )and Courtney Love the ( Musician & Actress)
  Francesca   Italian girls name which means free (from France)
  Franchette   French girls name which means free
  Francis   Scottish boys name from the Latin for a Frenchman (strangely !)
  Francis   English boys name meaning Free.
  Francis   Modern boys name meaning, free; from France and originating in Latin
  Francisco   Spanish boys name which means (meaning) free land
  Francisque   the Belgian Painter whose real name is Jean-Francois Millet
  Francois   French boys name which is believed to mean (meaning) free
  Frank   English boys name meaning Free Man.
  Frank   Modern boys name meaning, free and originating in English
  Frank Ocean   The singers real name is Christopher Edwin Breau.
  Frank Richards   the Author whose real name is Charles Hamilton
  Franki Valli   the Singer whose real name is Frank Castellucio
  Frankie Laine   the Singer whose real name is Frank Lo Vecchio
  Frankie Vaughan   the Singer whose real name is Frank Abelsohn
  Frann   Celtic girls name which means sea bird
  Frans   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) free
  Fransez   Breton Celtic boys name which means (meaning) from France
  Fraoch   Celtic boys name which means (meaning) heather (Scottish native plant)
  Fraser   Scottish boys name which "began life" as a French placename who meaning is unknown.
  Frashegird   Indian boys name meaning wonderful.
  Frasier   English boys name meaning Strawberry.
  Frayda   Yiddish girls name which means (meaning) joy or rejoicing
  Fred Astaire   the US Actor/Dancer whose real name is Frederick Austerlitz
  Freda   Scottish girls name which is a shortened version of Winifred
  Freddie Mercury   the Singer whose real name is Frederick Bulsara
  Freddy Mercury   The Singer whose real name is Farouk Bulsara
  Frederica   German girls name which means peaceful ruler
  Frederick   Scottish boys name of Germanic origin, meaning a combination of peace and ruler
  Frederick   English boys name meaning Peaceful Ruler.
  Fredrik   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) peaceful ruler. Also spelled Fredek and Frederek
  Free (son)   Who is the child of Barbara Hershey the (Actor )and David Carradine the ( Actress)
  Freedom (son)   Who is the child of Ving Rhames (Actor) and Deborah Reed (Wife)
  Freeman   English boys name meaning A Freeman.
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