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Baby names and meanings starting with the letter I

Name Meaning
  Isabella   Spanish girls name which means consecrated to God. Also Isabel, Bel, Ysabel
  Isadoro   Spanish boys name strong gift.
  Isaiah   Hebrew boys name which means helper of God
  Isaiah   English boys name meaning God's Salvation.
  Isaiah   Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in 2 Kings 19:2 and meaning the salvation of theLord.
  Isaiah Akin (son)   Who is the child of Isaiah Washington (Actor) and Jenisa Marie Washington (Wife 1996 to present)
  Isaias   Spanish boys name meaning salvation of Jehovah.
  Isak   Swedish boys name which means (meaning) laughs
  Isam   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) protector.
  Isbah   Muslim girls name meaning Light
  Iseabeal   (ish-bale) Celtic girls name which is a form of the Spanish name Isabella
  Iseult   (is-ult) Irish girls name whose origins are in folklore
  Isha   Indian boys name meaning lord.
  Isha   Muslim girls name meaning Night Prayer
  Isha   Sikh girls name meaning Godess
  Ishaal   Muslim girls name meaning Heaven's flower
  Ishana   Indian boys name meaning lord.
  Ishaq   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) a prophet's name.
  Ishi   Japanese girls name which means rock
  Ishmael   Hebrew boys name which means God will listen
  Ishmael   Biblical boys name which originates in (Hebrew) , appearing in Gen. 16:11 and meaning God that hears.
  Ishraq   Muslim girls name meaning The coming up of the sun
  Ishrat   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) society, familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
  Ishtiyaq   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) longing, craving.
  Ishvara   Indian boys name meaning lord.
  Isi   Native-American girl name, whose meaning is deer ,with the origin being Choctaw
  Isir   Muslim girls name meaning Inspiritional, strong

Muslim boys name which means (meaning) see sikandar.

  Isla   From the name of an island off the scottish coast
  Islam   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) submission to allah.
  Isleif   Norse boys name meaning "Brother of Isrod"
  Islof   Norse boys name meaning "Son of Hrani"
  Isma   Muslim girls name meaning Safeguarding
  Isma'il   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) a prophet's name.
  Ismaela   Hebrew girls name which means God will hear
  Ismah   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) preservation, infallibility.
  Ismail   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) a prophets name.
  Ismat   Muslim girls name meaning Pious
  Ismay   Scottish girls name which is an amalgam of Christine, Mary, Chris and may.
  Ismena   Greek girls name which means wise
  Isoke   Modern girls name meaning, gift from God and originating in Benin
  Isolde   Welsh girls name which means fair lady
  Isra   Muslim girls name meaning Walking in the night, Journeys by night
  Israr   Muslim boys name which means (meaning) insist, never gives up.
  Isrod   Norse boys name meaning "Brother of Isleif"
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