Gealic Girl Baby Names

This page concentrates on Gaelic baby girl or female names and their meanings. Of course they are mainly first names or Christian names as they are known in some countries, but there are some Scotland family or Scottish surnames also, but all can be used as baby names. In addition I have also started to add Celtic baby names and these are clearly marked along with their meaning and pronunciation (where possible). Elsewhere on the site you will also find Celtic boy baby names along with their meaning

The female (girl) baby names listed here are from Gaelic Origin/Language/Culture. Scottish Gaelic or Gaelic is the traditional language of the Gaels. Gaelic is an Indo-European language spoken in Scotland (but declining in popularity and mainly in the remote Highlands) and Southern Ireland (EIRE). The Gaelic alphabet only has 18 letters with each traditionally being named after trees.

The Celtic baby names are slightly different in that they were popular in Breton, Cornish (Cornwall an area in Southern England),Irish (Ireland),Manx (Isle of Mann), Scottish, Welsh (Wales).

  (fee-en-at) Gaelic girls name which means small deer  
  Modern gaelic name meaning fair shoulders (or very beautiful)  
  Welsh gaelic name equivalent to Fiona  
  Welsh gaelic name meaning flower  
  (finn-dab-air) Celtic girls name which means fair portion. In books/ stories this is often the name of the heroine who is fated to only love once  
  Scottish Gaelic: The fair one. Irish Gaelic: A vine  
  Gaelic girls name meaning white shoulder  
  Celtic Irish girls name which means truth or fidelity  
  (flaw-his) Irish gaelic girls name which is believed to mean "sovereign or royal"  
  Celtic girls name which means bright red (although some people confuse it because of "anna" which means full of grace)  
  (fo-la) Celtic girls name of uncertain origin or meaning but believed to be related to foduil which means substantial  
  Celtic girls name which means sea bird  
  Celtic girls name which is a form of Gwendydd which means morning star. Most famoulsy used as the name of Merlin's sister  
  Anglicised girls name which is a form of Guinevere which iteslf means fair and beautiful  
  (gar-ro-dean) Irish Celtic girls name which means noble warrior  
  (geth-an) Celtic girls name which means dark or swarthy  
  Gaelic girls name whose Scottish version is Grace  
  Welsh Celtic girls name which means clean and good (pure)  
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