Scottish Girl Baby Names

This page concentrates on Scottish baby Boys names and their meanings. In Scotland, it is sometimes the case that they use family names as first names. In addition an abbreviation of Mc or mac (meaning son of) is sometimes used.

Scotland has a rich and unique history and this includes a number of ancient races such as the Scots, Celts and Gaels and this contriubutes to its names. In addition, in Scotland there is a tradition of we are all "Jock Tamson's bairns" meaning that we are all the same, no matter race, creed or colour and Scotland has often welcomed newcomers to its fold. After the second world war, a number of displaced european refugees settled and more recently the european union has provided a number of newcomers to the country bringing their own rich history. Some of the (native) Scottish names are derived from these ancient races and you can find more of these names on the Gaelic Girl names page.

  Scottish girls name which was originally a shortened version of Amabel  
  A pearl. shortened version of Margaret  
  Scottish girls name which was origianlly introduced into Scotland by Queen Margaret of Hungary in the 11th Century.  
  More often thought of as a Spanish name, this version of Mary grows in popularity  
  French version of Mary whose use is becoming more popular in Scotland  
  Scottish girls name which is thought to be a version of Mary  
  Scottish girls name which originated in a form of Margaret  
  Scottish girls name which si a modern invention thought to originate from the stage name of Marlene Dietrich the German actress  
  Scottish girls name from aramaic origins meaning "the lady"  
  Scottish girls name of unknown origins. Is thought to derive in some way from the Greek Miriam  
  Scottish girls name from an old German name having elements of might and battle within it.  
  Scottish girls name which is, yet another, derivative of Mary  
  Scottish girls name which is often regarded as merely being a shortened version of Mary  
  Scottish girls name which originates in the Greek meaning Black  
  Scottish girls name from an olde English name comprising elements of mild and strength.  
  Scottish girls name whose origins are unclear but is believed to be a phonetic form of the Irish name Maire  
  Scottish girls name which is a shortened or "pet name" of Mary.  
  Scottish girls name whose origins are unclear. Traditionally used by Roman Catholic parents in honour of St Monica  
  The great one  
  Scottish girls name from the Gaelic for beloved  
  Scottish girls name whose origins are unclear but is thought to relate in some way to the mountain range in Aberdeenshire and caithness  
  Scottish girls name which is thought to be the anglicised form of Muirgheal " the fair one of the sea"  
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